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Using IrfanView Thumbnails to Create Labeled Proof Sheets

IrfanView Thumbnails minimizes unused paper space for nine-image proofs and allows labeling of images with the full file name and with a header or footer giving additional information on the page.

This operation is done with IrfanView Thumbnails (the Panda Icon).

Open Thumbnails, navigate to the folder containing the photos you want to proof, and select the ones you want to proof. See Using IrfanView Thumbnails to batch rename digital photographs for a review of how to do this.

Now click on "File" in the top menu, and select "Create contact sheet from selected files..."

In the next window, select a width of 1024 and a height of 768.  Select 3 columns and 3 rows. Check the  "Write file infos" box and enter $F below it (probably a default). That will place the filename under the image. Click "Help" to see what other kinds of data you can include, but that doesn't concern us here.

In the Headnote and/or Footnote boxes you can type in anything -- the property, the project name, your full name, etc.

Under "Output," you might first select "Create First Page Only," which will show you what your results will look like on screen. After that, select "Print all pages" to print out your proofs. Then click "Create"

When you select "Print all pages," you'll see this window. Select your printer. Select landscape, and go to Printer setup to make sure your printer is set to landscape.

Select "Best fit to page (aspect ratio)" -- meaning the images won't be distorted.
You can ignore Headnote and Footnote and everything else here.

Now click Print.

VOILA. Here's how your proof sheets should look when printed.

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